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Holiness Defined:

Holiness consists of two distinct but complementary ideas.

1) First of all holiness means to be set apart from ordinary purposes and reserved solely for God's use.

2) The second feature of holiness is that of purity, cleanness. If something or someone is set apart unto God, then it is quite expected that the thing or person will be kept clean. In the case of objects, such as the furniture and vessels used in the Tabernacle, they were kept physically and ritually clean. In the case of God's "saints," His "holy ones," who are set apart unto Christ, it is expected that they will keep themselves morally pure and spiritually clean.

Holiness and Sanctification are closely related terms. In fact the Greek word hagiasmos is sometimes translated holiness and sometimes sanctification. They are virtually interchangeable. However, as the words have come to be used in the literature of the Holiness Movement, and in common usage, we ordinarily think of holiness as the state of being holy, and sanctification as the process of becoming (or of being made) holy. Therefore in the site menu I have included Sanctification and Holiness under one heading, HOLINESS. In this section, I offer Bible studies, quotations, links, sermons, and meditations on the holy life. This site has nothing to do with monastic isolation, or other unnatural disciplines. I want to explore with you ways that we can live lives more morally pure, upright, and useful to God.

Wesley and Holiness

Few names are more closely associated with holiness than that of John Wesley. This is not a Methodist site; I am not a Methodist. But I consider that Wesley's teachings on holiness deserve deep study in these modern times. Wesley taught that Christians can and should be "holy as God is holy," in this life, and that Entire Sanctification is possible in this life, and by faith alone.

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